4 x 50-minute lectures weekly
1 x 90-minute tutorial weekly
4 x 2-hour computer labs per semester
Enrolment not permitted
MATH1121 has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
A working knowledge of the arithmetic of positive and negative numbers, numerical fractions, natural powers and roots, basic properties of circles, rectangles and triangles, the idea of a variable, polynomials, idea of Cartesian coordinates and simple plots.
Tests, Quizzes, Tutorial Participation
Topic description

This topic comprises the final four modules out of the total of eight modules offered between MATH1701 Mathematics Fundamentals A and MATH1702 Mathematics Fundamentals B.

The four modules are:

  • Module 1. Counting, permutations, combinations, sets, binomial theorem, probability
  • Module 2. Matrices, solutions to systems of linear equations, matrix multiplication and inverses
  • Module 3. Trigonometry of right-angled triangles, sine and cosine rules, finding unknown values in triangles
  • Module 4. Radians, unit circle, angle addition formulas, double and half-angle formulas, trigonometric identities, sine and cosine as functions, graphs of trigonometric functions, derivatives of trigonometric functions
Educational aims

This topic aims to develop students' understanding and skills in mathematics fundamentals and their applications.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Show fluency in basic quantitative, algebraic and graphical manipulations
  2. Write mathematics with accuracy and clarity
  3. Solve problems involving sets, counting techniques, probability, linear equations and trigonometry
  4. Work collaboratively and communicate mathematics clearly with others