13 x 3-hour workshops per semester
1 Admission into BLAWLP-Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice
2 130.5 units of topics
3 Admission into BLAWLPR-Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice
3a Admission into BLAWLPRH-Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours)
4 112.5 units of topics
5 Admission into BLAWLPRG-Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Graduate Entry)
5a Admission into BLAWLPRGH-Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Graduate Entry) (Honours)
6 94.5 units of topics
Must Satisfy: ((1 and 2) or ((3 or 3a) and 4) or ((5 or 5a) and 6))
Other requirements
Topic Coordinator approval is required for enrolment in this topic. Students should apply via
Enrolment not permitted
1 of LLAW4213, LLAW5904, LLAW5906 has been successfully completed
Course context
Twenty minutes practical (Advocacy); One hour practical (Criminal Trial)
Topic description
This topic is designed to build upon other topics such as Evidence. Students will be exposed to practical advocacy issues and to issues that a legal practitioner might be expected to encounter in a law firm dealing with criminal law cases. Students will be expected to actively participate in simulated advocacy and criminal practice exercises in both a court and a law firm environment. Students will be taught to recognise and resolve ethical dilemmas in light of the professional standards of the legal profession.
Educational aims
This topic aims to enable students to achieve competence, to the standard required by the admitting authorities:

  • To advise clients before arrest, seek bail, make pleas, participate in minor contested hearings and assist in preparing cases for trial; and

  • To demonstrate oral communication and advocacy skills
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will, in relation to criminal legal practice, be able to demonstrate the competence required of an entry level legal practitioner in:

  • providing advice

  • applying for bail

  • making pleas

  • representing a client in minor matters

  • assisting to prepare a case for trial

  • communicating effectively

  • representing a client in a legal forum.