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Topic description
Mediation is one of the many forms of resolving disputes in society. It is a common method of handling disputes in a range of settings and increasingly becoming more popular in Australian courts. In this topic you will be introduced to the theory of mediation and will learn how this translates into practice. You will have an opportunity, working with practitioners in the field, to put into practice the techniques and skills of mediation that you will develop throughout the topic. The topic will also provide you with a solid understanding of the increasing importance of mediation processes in diverse employment settings throughout public, private and community based organisations. Connections to the southern region are made through the involvement of staff from a local mediation service.
Educational aims
In this topic students will:

  • analyse the dominant theories and models of mediation

  • become familiar with the key elements of mediation practice

  • critically analyse the evidence about the effectiveness of mediation

  • develop techniques and skills that form the basis of mediation practice
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will have the ability to:

  • explain the key elements of theories and models of mediation

  • assess the research relating to the effectiveness of mediation

  • apply basic mediation principles in a collaborative setting to find a solution to a specific problem

  • demonstrate an ability to co-facilitate a simulated mediation exercise