1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
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Topic description
This topic is concerned with the manner in which the child protection system perpetuates and reinforces certain views of childhood. While the focus of the topic will be the welfare of children, the topic will also broaden the discussion by investigating the values that underpin this system and the contradictions apparent in law, policy and practice related to this area. Issues to be addressed include the role of parents, carers and professionals as well as the rights and responsibilities of children and adolescents. The impact of class, gender and ethnicity will be investigated with scope for students to pursue their own research interests within this area.
Educational aims
This topic aims to assist students to:

  • understand the historical evolution of current child protection policy and practice

  • consider legal and social implications and evaluate current issues in this area

  • develop skills of critical analysis by considering the implications of current child protection policy for specific disadvantaged groups

  • examine a range of contentious issues in order to explore students' own belief and value systems

  • critically assess contemporary issues in this area and identify appropriate policy responses to identified problems
Expected learning outcomes
Upon the completion of the topic it is expected that students will be able to:

  • identify relevant academic literature in this area using library, data base and internet resources

  • produce a review of literature tracing the historical identification of child protection as a social problem

  • work collaboratively in groups as well as individually to identify issues and propose policy solutions to identified problems

  • undertake independent research to produce a research report on a specific social problem in this area