1 x 1-hour tutorial weekly
2 x 2-hour workshops weekly
Enrolment not permitted
ITAL1121 has been successfully completed
Assignment(s); Test(s); Oral; Tutorial participation.
Topic description

The topic, which is designed for beginners in Italian, and consists of language and culture classes. Emphasis is placed on the comprehension and use of spoken and written Italian, as well as aspects of Italian culture. The program, which pre-supposes regular attendance at all scheduled classes, includes both seminar-type instruction and tutorials. Students will be expected to participate interactively in a spoken language-learning process where comprehension and communication skills, both written and oral, will be developed.

Educational aims

This topic aims to:

  • Introduce students to the basic phonetics and grammatical structures of the Italian language through interactive learning and participation in a wide range of activities that focus on the four macro skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Enhance the communicative competence of students through role-play and collaborative linguistic skill development in Italian
  • Provide an introduction to socio-cultural understanding in relation to contemporary Italy
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Use basic grammatical, syntactical, lexical and phonetic patterns and structures in Italian to communicate orally and in written form on a range of everyday topics using simple, clear language
  2. Demonstrate basic skills in peer interaction and improvisation
  3. Identify and discuss socio-cultural issues relevant to a contemporary Italian context