1 x 4-day intensive workshop per semester
Admission into MAIRE/C-Master of Arts (International Relations in Economy and Trade) by coursework
Topic description
This topic introduces students to the numerous areas and issues that fall under the umbrella of international business. Students will specialise and build on the material presented in this topic as they progress through their degree. Upon completion, students should be aware of the nature of international business and understand the strategies and operations of contemporary organisations as they attempt to deal with the international business environment.
Educational aims
To introduce students to the nature of international business and the key factors in the international business environment that affect the strategies and operations of contemporary organisations.
Expected learning outcomes
Upon completion of this topic students should be able to understand:

  • the nature of cultural environments facing international businesses

  • international business political and legal environments

  • the economic environments of international business operations

  • international trade theory and government influence on trade

  • economic integration and cooperative agreements

  • the nature of foreign direct investment

  • foreign exchange and the determination of foreign exchange rates

  • country evaluation and selection for international business operations

  • international business collaboration and control strategies

  • export and import strategies

  • global operations management and sourcing strategies.