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Course context
Master of Arts (International Relations), Grad Cert in International Relations, Grad Dip in International Relations
Topic description
This topic analyses the implications of China's rise for the Australia-US alliance. After a period of deepening economic and strategic cooperation between Australia and the United States this topic examines how the Alliance is affected by the strengthening of China's position in the regional environment and in the international system. ln 2010 as Hillary Clinton announces that the US is 'back in Asia', the complexity of Australia's prospects to prosecute an ongoing policy of strategic hedging in its relations with the US and China is increasing. This topic examines the consequences for the Alliance of these dynamic changes. ln the process it analyses the triangular relations between the three states and attention will be given to both the strategic and economic factors in doing so.
Educational aims
  1. Introduce students to both the history and current status of relations between the three states, China, Australia and the US
  2. Alert them to the possible implications of China's rise on the Alliance.
  3. Consider the impact that changes in the strategic and economic relationship between the three countries may have on the future operations of the Alliance.
  4. Consider the operation of the alliance within the East Asian security environment.
  5. Further enhance students' ability to conduct independent research and to assess and evaluate different types of sources.
  6. Consolidate students' written and communication skills.
Expected learning outcomes
  1. Analyse the interests and intentions of the three states in their current relations.
  2. Investigate the liklihood and nature of China's rise.
  3. Evaluate the overall strategic, economic and cultural impact of China's rise on Australia, the US and the alliance.
  4. Analyse how the Alliance may best respond to the changing regional dynamics.
  5. Critically analyse and assess a range of sources relevant to the topic.
  6. Be able to work collaboratively and independently and to apply their knowledge in a range of situations.
  7. Communicate effectively by constructing and developing a coherent argument in written and oral assessment.