1 x 4-day seminar yearly
Assumed knowledge
This is seen as an introductory topic for non-specialist students.
Course context
This topic is only available offshore.

Master of Arts (International Relations in Economy and Trade) by coursework
Topic description
This topic aims to familiarise students with Japan's current internal political, economic and social developments, and their impact on the country's external environment. The focus will be on Japan's problems and prospects in an increasingly globalised world.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • Evaluate Japan’s place in an increasingly globalised world

  • Introduce students to Japan’s modern political and economic history

  • Evaluate contemporary political, economic and social issues now facing Japan

  • Examine Japan’s contemporary approach to International Relations

  • Evaluate the impact of Japan’s contemporary political economy on the region.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic, students will be expected to able to:

  1. Articulate the historical foundations of Japanese economic development

  2. Outline the impact of Japan’s approach to its region on East Asian international relations

  3. Analyse the debates over the sources of Japan’s historical economic growth

  4. Analyse the economic slowdown Japan has experienced since the 1990s and its consequences for regional and global economic order

  5. Offer an informed account of Japan’s future prospects in the global economy.