1 x 4-day intensive workshop yearly
Topic description

This topic is an introduction to graduate research focusing on the discipline of International Relations. It will develop the following research skills; how to understand an argument, how to construct an argument, dominant forms of reasoning and use of evidence in the discipline, structuring an essay, how to conduct advanced research, and critical thinking. The topic will develop these skills through a careful analysis of selected International Relations texts and debates, and through the assessment of a written assignment in which students will draw on their knowledge from all the topics they have taken in the program.

Educational aims

This topic aims to introduce students to contemporary international relations theory and its practical implications for global governance. The topic examines three dominant and enduring approaches to the theory and practice of international relations, illustrates their explanatory scope via use of a variety of case-studies in global conflict and international political economy, and assesses their strengths and weaknesses.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Develop an advanced understanding of the nature of the discipline of international relations and where it fits in relation to other social sciences
  2. Demonstrate the acquisition of the necessary skills for advanced academic writing in international relations at graduate level
  3. Show an understanding of critical thinking, forms of reasoning and debate
  4. Demonstrate an appreciation of advanced research methods in international relations
  5. Examine major current international relations debates