1 x 2-hour lecture weekly
1 x 50-minute tutorial weekly
Course context
Associated majors: History; International Relations

Bachelor of International Relations; Bachelor of Government and Public Management
Examination, assignment(s), tests, tutorial participation
Topic description
This topic is a survey course designed to introduce students to the study of the broad physical, cultural and political environments of Monsoon Asia. It introduces a range of religious and cultural backgrounds that provide tools for understanding Asian societies and political systems, along with key concepts such as colonialism, nationalism, development and modernity. Students will have the opportunity to acquire skills and experience in scholarly research, reading, analysis and writing. The topic is designed to prepare students for further studies in History and International Relations.
Educational aims
Discovering Asia is intended to impart to students a broad understanding of contemporary Asia through a survey of the social, cultural, religious and historical factors that have contributed to the evolution and development of the region. It explicitly tries to free the study of Asia from Eurocentric and colonialist perspectives, and to enable and encourage students to engage in more advanced studies of Asian societies.
Expected learning outcomes
Students successfully completing this topic should be able to demonstrate:
  • an appreciation of the diverse histories, religions, societies and cultures of Asia
  • some understanding of the chronology in the history of modern Asia
  • an appreciation of the different ways of looking at Asian society, politics and history
  • the ability to research a simple topic in Asian Studies using books, journals, databases and other library resources
  • the ability to construct a logical argument and produce it as a written piece of prose, complete with correct grammar, spelling, referencing and bibliography