1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
9 units of INTR level 2 topics
Assumed knowledge
The completion of at least 9 units of second-level topics from the International Relations Major sequence, or another Major sequence within the School of History and International Relations.
Course context
Associated majors: International Relations
Topic description
Students will have an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills from their degree to the local or global workforce. In conjunction with the topic convener and staff at the Careers Centre on campus you will organise a practicum or work placement in an industry or organisation that relates to an area of International Studies and is relevant to your interests and future goals. Your placement can be undertaken throughout the year, when convenient to both you and your host. During your placement you will be expected to begin collating materials to be presented in your final portfolio submission to the topic convenor, which includes in depth analysis of your experiences, and personal reflections and how this relates to International Studies. This is an opportunity for you to develop professional skills in International Studies and to consolidate your research and practical skills by experiencing a suitable workforce placement.
Educational aims
This is a WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING TOPIC. In conjunction with the topic convener and the Careers Centre on campus you will organise a work placement in an industry or organisation either locally or globally, that relates to an area of International Relations, that specifically interests you. You will undertake the placement in the field, and prepare a final report for assessment. You will also participate in a seminar program and present your report at an end of year function. This will provide you with the opportunity for furthering your understanding of the issues covered in previous topics in yor degree, for testing the knowledge gained, for applying skills learned, and for further developing capacities to operate in a global world. This practicum will also take advantage of Flinders' expertise in work-based placements through the Careers Centre. You will also participate in global leadership skills training through Seminars and the Degree Plus Program.
Expected learning outcomes
  • This placement provides you with an opportunity to learn about International Relations in the real world.
  • Think of it as experiential learning, reflective practice or action learning.
  • You will be working towards the development of a range of practical skills in terms of communication, problem solving and professional behaviour.
  • The placement provides an opportunity to apply some of the theories and concepts learned in the classroom to actual situations.
  • It therefore provides you with a unique opportunity to reflect on material presented to you in lectures, to test the relevance of theory for practice, and practice for theory.
  • At the end of the placement we will expect you to synthesise your practical experience with what you have learned in classroom teaching.
  • You will also learn global leadership skills through graduate skills training.