1 x 2-hour workshop-1 weekly
1 x 2-hour workshop-2 weekly
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Assignment(s), Oral
Topic description
This topic further extends all core language learning skills, with a particular focus on listening. During the semester a short documentary or fiction film is studied each week, with a focus on presenting works that are contemporary and that reflect Indonesia’s cultural and linguistic diversity. Associated required readings are completed before viewing the films. Students take turns to give classmates an introduction to the films screened. Outside of class time, students discuss the films through assessed written discussions on FLO.
Educational aims
This topic aims to develop more advanced language skills in the core areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and to integrate opportunities to learn about Indonesia within the study of the Indonesian language.
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic students will have a good understanding of the linguistic diversity of Indonesia and of the way that regional languages interact with Indonesian in the daily lives of Indonesians. They will also have insight into the social concerns and/or artistic interests of (mainly young) Indonesian amateur filmmakers.

In terms of the core language learning skills they will be able to demonstrate the ability to:


  • Express their own opinions and attitudes on the films studies and on Indonesian amateur filmmakers

  • Discuss the required readings at a competent level of Indonesian language acquisition

  • Present information to the class orally, without relying on a written text


  • Extract both gist and salient detail from required readings

  • Contextualise the information given in a text within their wider knowledge of Indonesia


  • Use common Indonesian sentence patterns and language functions accurately

  • Respond to classmates’ written contributions, in written form

  • Capably correct grammatical and other errors to which their attention is drawn


  • Extract both gist and salient detail and from audio and audio-visual materials, using contextual analysis and prior knowledge

  • Confidently differentiate Indonesian from regional languages when both are used in a film