2 x 2-hour practicals weekly
Enrolment not permitted
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Course context

No previous knowledge of the language is assumed. Students with some background knowledge of the language (either native or non-native speaker) must consult the topic co-ordinator if they wish to enrol in an Indonesian language topic.

Assignment(s), Oral
Topic description

This topic introduces beginner and near-beginner students to contemporary Indonesian language, society and culture. Functional fluency will be developed through speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will acquire basic vocabulary and an understanding of sentence patterns required for simple communication in everyday language, and to proceed to higher levels of study.

Educational aims
To be advised
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Communicate simple basic personal information
  2. Express and respond to basic greetings
  3. Use very common evaluative expressions
  4. Understand basic numbers
  5. Ask and answer basic questions
  6. Understand simple time expressions and directions
  7. Recognise common notices and warnings
  8. Recognise some common food and drink items on a menu
  9. Recognise the names of a range of objects in the immediate environment