6 x 3-hour workshops per semester
2 x 3-hour computer labs per semester
HLTH7013 - Research Methods 1
1 of HLTH7010B, HLTH7010D
Enrolment not permitted
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Assumed knowledge
Some undergraduate experience in research design and methodology
Assignments, Quizzes
Topic description
This topic deals with several domains of knowledge and skills that are essential for researchers and practitioners. These are: ethics; research proposals; research design and data analysis; the link between research and clinical practice; and communication skills.
Educational aims
The topic helps to prepare graduates with the research and data analysis skills needed to successfully complete their Honours thesis and aims to:

  • Provide skills and experience in data analysis and interpretation

  • Provide students with experience communicating research results/findings
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of the topic, students will be expected to be able to:

  1. Analyse and interpret qualitative and quantitative data in an area of specialisation

  2. Discuss identified limitations in research

  3. Propose future research directions based on current findings

  4. Effectively communicate research findings in written format.