HLTH7005D - Honours Program In Health Sciences (9/36 units)
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HLTH7000E has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
Completion of the Bachelor of Health Sciences degree
Course context
Class contact is a negotiated program that is ongoing and determined by the nature of the student's project.
Assignments; Project
Topic description
Work for the topic comprises the following, all of which must be presented for assessment in a single year, or may be taken on a part-time basis over two consecutive years:

  • (a) a research project leading to the submission of a thesis (55% of total marks)

  • (b) coursework or other written assignments (30% of total marks). Candidates will be required to submit essays and research proposals or, where appropriate, to take topics offered in the School of Medicine or elsewhere

  • (c) seminars (15% of total marks). Each student is required to present a brief proposal for the project and two brief progress seminars during the year. In addition, there is a 45-minute final seminar which is assessed. Also students will be expected to attend relevant seminar series.

Educational aims
To provide students with experience designing and carrying out health-related research. Students will be able to apply knowledge/theory to specific health areas, undertake a research project using qualitative/quantitative research methods, and present their findings to the academic community in written and oral format.
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic students will be able to;

  • Critically evaluate literature in a relevant field of study and to communicate this in written/oral format.

  • Identify and justify research objectives, and where appropriate consider ethical issues, a specific research plan, and budget.

  • Plan and conduct qualitative or quantitative research with increasing independence.

  • Interpret findings and critically evaluate the outcomes of research and to present these in written/ oral format.