1 x 4-day intensive workshop per semester
HLTH1306 - Contemporary Health Issues in Australia
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HLTH3004 has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
Understanding of structure of the health care system in Australia
Assignments; Tutorial Participation; Tutorial Presentation
Topic description
This topic explores contemporary issues in health service management generated by changing patterns of disease and service utilisation and ongoing changes in the resource base of health. On completion of the topic, students will demonstrate understanding of the role of health service managers in a range of settings (public/private, community and aged care) and strategies for the management of: Increased demand; Working within a budget; Quality, safety and risk; and Workforce recruitment, retention and distribution. Assessment is based on a report of the student's interview with a manager working in the Health or Aged Care sector.
Educational aims
To enhance understanding of contemporary health service management practice and the theoretical frameworks available to managers.
Expected learning outcomes
  • describe major forces for change in the management of health services

  • understand theories and concepts that inform management practice and how these have changed over time

  • discuss how the role of the health service manager has changed over time and the skills required for effective management of contemporary health services

  • discuss similarities and variations in the strategies used by health service managers in a range of settings (public/private hospital, community and aged care) for the management of:

    • increasing consumer demand

    • resource acquisition and control

    • threats to quality patient care and patient safety

    • risk, and

    • workforce recruitment, retention and sustainability.