1 x 50-minute lecture weekly
1 x 2-hour tutorial weekly
1 Admission into BPARAM-Bachelor of Paramedicine
1a Admission into BPARAMNT-Bachelor of Paramedicine
1b Admission into BPARAMREP-Bachelor of Paramedicine
1c Admission into ADDCP-Associate Degree in Disability and Community Practice
1d Admission into ADHS-Associate Degree in Health Sciences
1e Admission into BAHCC-Bachelor of Arts (Health in Community Contexts)
1f Admission into BDDE-Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education
1g Admission into BEDSTBHS-Bachelor of Education Studies, Bachelor of Health Sciences
1h Admission into BHS-Bachelor of Health Sciences
1i Admission into BHSAG-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Ageing)
1j Admission into BHSDH-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Digital Health)
1k Admission into BHSHM-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Health Management)
1l Admission into DIPHS-Diploma in Health Sciences
1m Admission into BHSTS-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Therapy Studies)
1n Admission into BDCI-Bachelor of Disability and Community Inclusion
1o Admission into HBNTD-Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)
1p Admission into BHSMOT-Bachelor of Health Sciences, Master of Occupational Therapy
1q Admission into BSW-Bachelor of Social Work
1r Admission into DIPACDS-Diploma in Aged Care and Disability Support
1s Admission into BSWH-Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)
1t Admission into BND-Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics
1u Admission into BHSHP-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Health Promotion)
1v Admission into DIPDCP-Diploma in Disability and Community Practice
1w Admission into BHSVSMO-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Vision Science), Master of Optometry
1x Admission into BHSPS-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Psychology)
1y Admission into BPSY-Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
1z Admission into BNS-Bachelor of Nutrition Science
2 Admission into BHSIN-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Innovation)
2a Admission into BPH-Bachelor of Public Health
2b Admission into BHSMPT-Bachelor of Health Sciences, Master of Physiotherapy
2c Admission into BLITTHLG-Bachelor of Letters (Health) (Graduate Entry)
2d Admission into BBSC-Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)
2e Admission into BEDSEC-Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
2f Admission into BHSPN-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Physiology and Neuroscience)
2g Admission into DIPHSFP-Diploma in Health Sciences - City Campus
2h Admission into DIPDCPFP-Diploma in Disability and Community Practice - City Campus
2i Admission into ADHSFP-Associate Degree in Health Sciences - City Campus
2j Admission into BHSFP-Bachelor of Health Sciences - City Campus
2k Admission into BHSDHFP-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Digital Health) - City Campus
2l Admission into BHSHMFP-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Health Management) - City Campus
2m Admission into BHSPSFP-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Psychology) - City Campus
2n Admission into BHSTSFP-Bachelor of Health Sciences (Therapy Studies) - City Campus
2o Admission into BDDEFP-Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education - City Campus
2p Admission into BDCIFP-Bachelor of Disability and Community Inclusion - City Campus
2q Admission into BSWFP-Bachelor of Social Work - City Campus
Must Satisfy: (((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c or 1d or 1e or 1f or 1g or 1h or 1i or 1j or 1k or 1l or 1m or 1n or 1o or 1p or 1q or 1r or 1s or 1t or 1u or 1v or 1w or 1x or 1y or 1z)) or ((2 or 2a or 2b or 2c or 2d or 2e or 2f or 2g or 2h or 2i or 2j or 2k or 2l or 2m or 2n or 2o or 2p or 2q)))
Enrolment not permitted
1 of HLTH1205, HLTH1305 has been successfully completed
Assignment(s), Tutorial presentation, Tests, Tutorial participation
Topic description
The topic explores health in the context of priority populations and health issues. Students are introduced to a range of health topics and emerging issues through analysis of the burden of disease and determinants of health and illness. Students are also introduced to health policy through key Australian policy responses to the health issues covered. The topic incorporates the lived experience of health and illness to extend understanding of empathic professional practice.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  1. Develop understanding of the patterns, distribution and lived experience of health and illness using a range of analytical approaches
  2. Extend understanding of health through analysis of priority populations and specific health issues, and related policy responses
  3. Extend skills in accessing and appraising evidence-based information
  4. Enhance skills in professional practice including teamwork, time management and professional behaviour.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic, students will be expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of specific population groups and health issues of importance in Australia, and the rationale for their importance
  2. Describe examples of Australian health policy responses
  3. Demonstrate awareness of the lived experience of health and illness
  4. Accurately interpret a range of learning materials to inform understanding of health issues
  5. Use knowledge of health issues and populations to inform future professional practice
  6. Access and synthesise high quality evidence as the basis for communication and practice
  7. Actively engage with peers and teaching staff through teamwork to achieve successful learning outcomes.