7 x 4-hour intensive workshops per semester
1 x 14-day field placement per semester
1 x 3-day field trip-2 per semester
2 x 1-day field trip-1s per semester
1 9 units of HLPE topics
2 Admission into BSHPA-Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity
2a Admission into BSAR-Bachelor of Sport and Active Recreation
2b Admission into BSARFP-Bachelor of Sport and Active Recreation - City Campus
3 1 of HLPE1550, HLPE1201
Must Satisfy: ((1) or ((2 or 2a or 2b) and 3))
Enrolment not permitted
HLPE2510 has been successfully completed
Topic description

On completion of this topic students should have developed an understanding and appreciation of a range of constructions of outdoor education and how this can shape teaching and learning experiences in a range of outdoor environments. Students will develop their own philosophy pertaining to outdoor education and use this to develop and deliver integrated curriculum experiences. Students will apply an understanding of organisation, preparation and safe operating practices for teaching and learning in outdoor environments and on camp experiences. Personal skills and an understanding of legal obligations will be developed to a level in which students would be capable of preparing participants and enacting a support role under supervision during outdoor experiences within an outdoor education programme.

Educational aims

Students will be provided with the opportunity to be introduced to:

  • Requirements to plan, organise and lead outdoor activities and camp experiences under supervision within an outdoor education program
  • Safe operating procedures and legal obligations when conducting teaching and learning experiences in a range of outdoor environments
  • Practical outdoor experiences as a participant and leader under supervision in a variety of outdoor activities including general camp craft
  • The role of outdoor education in the Australian National Curriculum, including its use a cross curriculum connector
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate safe operating practices and an understanding of legal implications for teaching in outdoor environments
  2. Apply planning procedures, personal camp craft and activity specific skills to successfully and safely plan, participate in and lead teaching and learning experiences in outdoor environments under supervision
  3. Analyse the contribution of outdoor education and outdoor activities in the development and delivery of an integrated educational programme
  4. Create and deliver an educational experience in outdoor environments to apply an integrated curriculum model in teaching and learning