1 x 1-hour lecture weekly
1 x 1-hour tutorial weekly
Assumed knowledge
As a third-level topic in the History major sequence, this topic assumes a familiarity with the kind of knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills that would be acquired by the completion of at least 9 units of second-level topics from History major sequence.
Course context
Associated major: History

Bachelor of International Tourism
Topic description
Destination Australia is about a central question in Australia history: immigration. Immigration has been in the headlines since convicts first arrived in 1788. Australia is one of the world's great immigration nations. In this topic, students will study the place of immigration in Australian society since 1900.
Educational aims
The topic aims to:

  1. Inculcate an understanding of the place of immigration in Australian society since 1900

  2. Introduce an appreciation of the documentary sources of the subject and provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in archival research

  3. Provide an analytical framework for determining the shifts in policy on and shifts in the composition of Australian immigration.
Expected learning outcomes
Students successfully completing the topic should be able to:
  1. Show a sophisticated understanding of the trends and outcomes of the modern Australian immigration experience
  2. Understand the essential categories of data relating to the subject
  3. Understand, evaluate, compare and contrast the main issues related to migration to Australia
  4. Write intelligently about the modern Australian historiography of immigration.