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Course context
Associated majors: History; American Studies
Topic description
This topic examines the history of the British North American colonies from their establishment to the American Revolution and its immediate aftermath. The topic will explore various central themes: the importance of the American colonies within the British Empire and the broader European imperial project; the creation of the Atlantic World that had major political, social, economic and intellectual consequences for the modern world; the experiences of migrants to the Americas and the worlds they made; the encounters and conflicts between indigenous Americans and the newcomers; the development of Atlantic slavery and the experiences of slaves in the colonies; and the story of the growth of colonial independence and the consequent American Revolution and its impact. This topic will give students a good understanding of the history of the American colonies and the importance of their story in the making of the modern United States and the modern world.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:
  1. Examine key events in the history of British settlement in North America and to provide students with an awareness of the social and political development of the early colonies
  2. Consider the ways that British imperialism and notions of the Atlantic World influenced the development of the American colonies
  3. Critically assess the ways that issues relating to race, sex, class, and religion were experienced in early America
  4. Equip students with an understanding of the context in which the American Revolution took place
  5. Consolidate students' ability to analyse and assess different types of historical sources
  6. Consolidate students' ability to work independently
  7. Develop students writtten and communication skills
Expected learning outcomes
Students successfully completing the topic should be able to:
  1. Identify important themes in early American history and demonstrate an awareness of the nature of British settlement in North America
  2. Understand the different ways that the colonies developed and the regional identities that emerged
  3. Explain the relationship between Britain and the colonies and the events that led to the American Revolution
  4. Critically analyse and assess a range of primary and secondary sources relevant to the topic
  5. Apply their knowledge in written and oral forms
  6. Work collaboratively to produce and deliver a tutorial presentation
  7. Communicate effectively by constructing and developing a coherent argument in written assessment