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Course context
Associated major: History
Topic description
This topic subjects what is generally regarded as a new phenomenon to an historical examination. The term 'globalisation' currently encompasses a huge number of contemporary issues, from hamburger chains, to telecommunications, to production processes. Students will attempt to find out what globalisation actually is and where it came from. They will proceed to examine whether it has occurred before, and perhaps to shed some light on where it is going. The topic will span a broad time-scale, from the earliest periods of international trade to the multi-national corporations of the present day.
Educational aims
This topic aims to provide students with:
  • a strong knowledge of differing perspectives on historical events and agents and how these perspectives contribute to historical discourse within the profession and more broadly
  • a strong knowledge of the disciplinary nature of history, its disciplinary history, its methodology, and its role in the community
  • the ability to undertake historical research and reporting
  • the ability to effectively communicate a nuanced knowledge and understanding of historical events and concepts in written and oral form
  • the ability to work independently and collaboratively
Expected learning outcomes
Students successfully completing this topic should be able to:
  • critically reflect upon the nature of globalisation, its origins and how it has been represented and received
  • appreciate the complexities, characteristics and legacies of globalisation
  • develop their communication skills through discussion and reasoned argument
  • locate, collect, interpret and synthesise a range of historical sources to develop a coherent argument
  • plan, research and write an academic essay