1 x 1-hour lecture weekly
1 x 2-hour seminar weekly
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Topic description

Maps and Dreams is organized around the different forms of encounter and interaction that have marked relations between Indigenous people and colonisers in Australian history, and around the different forms of mapping that has passed them into history. Along the way, it asks questions about identity, conflict, and coexistence, and the haunting presence of the past in the present. It introduces significant historical themes and debates and scaffolds students while they work (independently and in small groups, with and without artworks) on some of the ideas and arguments from multiple perspectives. Alongside weekly lectures, six of the ten seminars in this topic are taught in the Flinders University Art Museum (FUAM). The FUAM has a wonderful collection of Indigenous artworks, which will be utilized as teaching tools. You do not need any background in fine art or art history to enrol in this topic, just a willingness to explore the possibilities of Indigenous art for enhancing our cross-cultural and historical understanding.

Educational aims

This topic aims to:

  • Introduce students to the forces that have shaped Australians' perceptions of Indigenous-settler relations in the past and the ways that Australian history is used in the present
  • Provide a general knowledge of Australian race-relations and more specific knowledge of some of its distinctive features across time and place
  • Encourage students to think about racial politics and power and their impact on Australian and non-Australian circumstances and the ways they might be inscribed in the Australian political and physical landscape
  • Develop students' ability to use different kinds of historical evidence to construct complex explanations, enhancing their research and communication skills
  • Foster an atmosphere of mutual respect that encourages students to develop as both independent learners and cooperative creative thinkers
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Identify significant themes in Australia's Aboriginal-settler encounter history, recount significant events and analyse their causes and consequences, and demonstrate familiarity with relevant scholarly perspectives
  2. Demonstrate enhanced thematic and chronological knowledge of Australian history
  3. Analyse historical problems independently and as a member of a small group
  4. Identify and discuss the ways in which various matters arising in past Indigenous-settler relations are evident in contemporary society
  5. Identify and discuss the ways in which Indigenous-settler relations have been interpreted differently according to time, place, person and circumstance
  6. Comprehend, critically analyse, evaluate and use historical evidence in constructing a reasoned and coherent historical argument and communicate ideas and arguments, verbally and in writing (both formally and informally)
  7. Comprehend, critically analyse and evaluate a range of relevant scholarly literature
  8. Demonstrate an enhanced capacity for planning, assessing and directing their own learning