12 x 2-hour project works per semester
1 Admission into HBA-Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
1a Admission into HBARCH-Bachelor of Archaeology (Honours)
1b Admission into HBCA-Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours)
1c Admission into HBPF-Bachelor of Performance (Honours)
1d Admission into HBCI-Bachelor of Creative Industries (Honours)
2 108 units of study
3 Admission into BCAHVEED-Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design)
Must Satisfy: (((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c or 1d)) or (2 and 3))
Other requirements
Topic Coordinator approval is required for enrolment in this topic. Students should apply via
Course context

The area of study and the details of the project will need to be developed in consultation between the student and a staff member, and will need the approval of the Coordinator.

Topic description

This topic will provide students with the opportunity to undertake study in an approved project not otherwise covered in the Honours program. Within this area of study, the student will complete a theoretical, analytical or creative project, related to a specific area of their specialisation. This project should give evidence of the student's ability to analyse and examine a specific topic within their field.

Educational aims

This topic aims to increase theoretical, analytical and/or creative knowledge and research skills within the area of specialisation of an Honours student. It will increase the ability of students to devise and complete an advanced research project, and extend their ability to communicate their research findings both orally and in written form.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Design a research topic considering key questions relevant to the student’s’ area of specialisation, including identifying and applying relevant research strategies and ethical considerations
  2. Critically evaluate complex ideas, concepts and approaches to the chosen research topic
  3. Model effective presentation of their research, both orally and in writing