Onshore (Australia) Program
1 x 5-day intensive workshop once-only
8 hours of independent study weekly

Offshore (Singapore) Program
1 x 1.5-day intensive workshop per semester
1 x 4-hour workshop per semester
1 x 2-hour online discussion per week
95 hours of independent study per semester
Assumed knowledge
Students are expected to have a working knowledge of the Australian Health Care system i.e. be familiar with the part of the health system they work or have worked in.
Assignment(s); Workshop attendance and participation: Workshop presentation
Topic description
Health informatics can be seen as a nascent discipline at the intersection of information management, computer science and healthcare. The topic combines both theoretical and practical informatics concepts in healthcare and is available to students enrolled in the postgraduate health administration courses and to others from across Australia and internationally. The five day face-to-face topic consists of four days lecture, interactive instruction and practical work, with the final day being for learner presentations and evaluation.
Educational aims
To enhance participants' understanding of current developments in health informatics and their potential impact on the delivery of health care services; and to assist participants in developing a set of skills for making operational and strategic management decisions in relation to health informatics.
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of this topic the learner should be able to:

  • Define the four (4) elements of health informatics: data, information, knowledge, and decisions

  • Explain the processes of sourcing, accessing and storing electronic information; aggregating, linking and benchmarking information; visualising data to construct meaning; and the behaviour, values and engagement required in making informed healthcare decisions

  • Apply the four (4) elements of health informatics in addressing a health issue/problem

  • Predict the clinical, administrative and technical implications involving healthcare practitioners and processes, when applying health informatics

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of resolving an identified health issue/problem with the four elements of health informatics.