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Course context

Topic only available to students meeting the eligibility requirements for entry to the postgraduate health administration courses.

Topic description

Theoretical models, concepts and analytical techniques used and their relevance at the macro and micro levels within the discipline of health economics.

This topic introduces basic concepts and practical issues faced by decision makers at all levels in the health system in allocating scarce resources so that the choices they make maximise health benefits to the population. This topic has four main learning modules:

  1. An introduction to key concepts of health economics and how better choices in resource allocation might be made
  2. An introduction to economic evaluation in healthcare, with an emphasis on identifying, measuring, valuing and analysing health outcomes and costs
  3. Equity: this module includes a reflection on equity in health care and the relationship between equity and economic evaluation (measuring efficiency) in priority setting
  4. An overview of the organisation of health care (provision and funding)
Educational aims

This topic aims to introduce students to basic economic concepts and the application of these concepts to policy and resource allocation decisions.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Interpret and appropriately apply the key concepts of economics within the context of the health system
  2. Debate the relative merits of equity considerations in setting priorities for a health system
  3. Understand approaches to identify and value costs and outcomes, to include in economic evaluation
  4. Describe major types of economic evaluation and to understand their use in the decision-making process
  5. Recognise and apply key steps in critically reviewing economic evaluations
  6. Understand and describe the main features of the Australian health system in particular how it differs from other salient national health systems according to how services are delivered and purchased
  7. Write concise reports on health economic issues demonstrating sound knowledge and skills to apply analytic thinking for a scientific debate and/or problem solving