1 x 120-minute seminar weekly
1 x 300-minute field trip per semester
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Topic description
Coastal and marine environments are important culturally, socially and economicaly. Many of the world's largest cities are built on coastlines and coastal assets support a range of industries and activities boh commercial and recreational. Uses of coastal and marine resources are often competing and those interested in such environments have diverse values. This topic draws attention othe complexity of managing coastal and marine environments and introduces current management practices. Through case studies contemporary challenges facing coastal manageers are highlighted including responding to see level rise, and habitat protection.
Educational aims
  1. Introduce diverse coastal processes that give rise to variations in coastal forms
  2. Raise awareness about contemporary coastal management challenges and the impacts of human activity on the coastal environment
  3. Investigate a range of coastal management strategies
  4. Introduce the governance arrangements for coastal management in Australia
  5. Utilise assessment methods that develop independent study skills
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of this topic, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Understand the complexity of managing coastal and marine management problems
  2. Comprehend the range of coastal management strategies in use to address contemporary coastal and marine management challenges
  3. Provide a detailed explanation of a significant contemporary coastal management problem relating it to the interaction of humans and the natural environment
  4. Produce a comprehensive description of a natural landscape
  5. Produce a research product on a specific topic
  6. Deliver an effective seminar presentation
  7. Work as part of a team