2 x 6-hour workshops weekly
Assumed knowledge
It is assumed that students have advanced design and CAD skills.
Assignment(s), Practical work
Topic description
This topic allows students to undertake the design development of their graduate range. This will consist of design experimentation, research including current trends and other inspirations to a design brief, and evaluation of design ideas that will be presented as a capsule collection for a designated season and target market.

Students will complete supporting presentation materials including moodboards, storyboards, rangebooks, costings and specification sheets. The majority of this work will be completed using digital design tools.

Regular one-on-one mentoring sessions with design lecturer will occur to guide students through the process of turning concept into reality.

Students will undertake sourcing of materials based on design development, and will collaborate to produce range catalogues and marketing collateral. Students will produce a portfolio for presentation.
Educational aims
This topic aims to give students the opportunity to:

  • demonstrate competence in design, development and CAD.

  • show critical analysis of their own work and problem solving abilities.

  • complete presentation work to a graduate and industry standard meeting required timelines.

  • demonstrate an understanding of marketing principles.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of the topic students will be able to

  • independently develop fashion ranges to industry or brand requirements

  • analyse their own work critically, to find problems to design issues

  • work with industry appropriate software

  • present their work both verbally and in writing

  • produce a portfolio for future employment.