1 x 6-hour workshop weekly
Assumed knowledge
It is assumed that students have intermediate digital design and presentation skills and an understanding of design elements and principles.
Assignment(s), Practical work
Topic description
This topic allows students to explore a range of presentation techniques through project work centring around concept development. Through a critical examination, including theoretical and practical work, students will expand their understanding of experimental design, and the way in which this contributes to their surroundings.

Students will develop design ranges, and experimental presentation work.
Educational aims
This topic aims to give students the opportunity to:

  • develop confidence to experiment with fabric manipulation

  • expand their design skills and their critical thinking

  • develop work from concept to completion.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • create experimental design presentations using a range of 3D techniques
  • work creatively to meet a commercial design brief
  • demonstrate newly acquired technical knowledge that will enhance their abilities to work as fashion product developers and designers
  • produce work that meets industry standards