12 x 3-hour seminars per semester
9 units of FREN topics
Assumed knowledge
Introductory to intermediate French language
Topic description
This topic will explore French history, culture, and society through an examination of what can be considered ‘Icons of France’. These include personalities, artworks, monuments, events, places, intangible cultural heritage, and institutions.

This topic provides an overview of French culture indispensable for the study of French and of France and will equip students with the cultural toolkit to understand France and the French.
Educational aims
This topic aims to

  • expose students to past and contemporary cultural and societal issues, through an investigation of a selection of cultural icons, thus providing a cultural foundation for the study of French and of France
  • develop students’ understanding of the changing nature of French national identity
  • provide the opportunity for students to select an area of interest that they will research and develop through a project
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • demonstrate a global knowledge of the French cultural landscape
  • identify and discuss socio-cultural issues related to the French cultural icons examined, and use them for the interpretation and comparison of texts
  • describe how French Cultural Icons from different eras have contributed to the understanding of French culture, both inside and outside of France
  • demonstrate deep knowledge, and critical analysis skills, in relation to a specific aspect of French culture, in both written and spoken French