On Campus
7 x 2-hour intensive workshops per semester
7 x 1-hour supervised studies per semester

Distance Online
14 x 1.5-hour online supervised studies per semester
1 ESOL8001 - Second Language Learning and Teaching
2 ESOL9004 - TESOL Methodology
3 ESOL9007 - Directed Studies in TESOL
4 36 units of study
Must Satisfy: (1 and 2 and 3 and 4)
Enrolment not permitted
1 of ESOL9000A, ESOL9000B, ESOL9001 has been successfully completed
Course context

This topic is taught and assessed as a continuum.

If the study involves human subjects, the student must apply for Human Ethics Approval from the Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee.

Assignment(s), Tutorial presentation
Topic description

This topic allows students to undertake one substantial research project requiring an independent investigation of a topic within any research area of TESOL. The chosen research area must be developed and written thesis produced in consultation with the assigned supervisor through regular meetings. It covers the whole process of research from choosing a topic, searching and reviewing the related literature on the topic, formulating research questions, developing and presenting a research proposal orally and in writing to collecting and analysing relevant data, providing answers to research questions and writing up a research thesis. The research results in a thesis.

Educational aims

This topic aims to provide students with high-level knowledge and skills required to conduct academic research in their chosen research area in TESOL as a pathway towards further learning at research higher degree level.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Theorise using advanced knowledge of underlying academic principles and concepts in their area of study
  2. Independently plan research activities, manage their time, and present their research both orally and in writing
  3. Create an independent research project using contemporary, specialised knowledge and skills in research
  4. Integrate high standards of ethical conduct in their research
  5. Critically evaluate and analyse complex issues and deploy evidence in support of a research output