1 x 2-hour lecture weekly
1 x 1-hour supervised study weekly
1 x 63-hour project work per semester
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Topic description

Students are introduced to the scientific, social, economic, legal principles of Integrated Water Management and different strategies for setting up river basin plans. Examples will be presented of river basin planning from different countries.

Students are introduced in the structure and the objectives of an integrated project on integrated river basin water management on which they will work in groups. The need and requirements for an integrated river basin management plan are described; geographical, hydrological and water management characteristics of the catchment are introduced; and data are made available to the students. Elements that will be considered during the implementation of the integrated project are:

Overview of the project team, the capacity, role and task of each participant; conceptual analysis of structure of web of water interactions; layout and start-up of cooperative analyses/modelling of the web of water aspects; discussion with catchment water managers; integration of different analyses/modelling exercises; integration of social, legal and systems approach to water management;

Wrapping up of integration, reporting and joint formulation of conclusions; and the presentation of the integrated project and handing-in of a final report.

Educational aims

This topic aims to expose the students to the execution of an integrated project and to obtain in this process knowledge, skills and technical expertise in river basin water management. The goal is to increase the students understanding of the web of interactions between the different technical and non-technical relations in managing water resources on an integrated river basin scale.

Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Integrate knowledge and skills attained in other water management topics
  2. Understand the principles of Integrated Water Management
  3. Unravel the web of interactions in the water system at catchment level
  4. Apply attained knowledge and skills in specialised water management issues for the specific water management plan
  5. Contribute significantly to setting up river basin plans
  6. Collaborate with colleagues with different expertise in water management
  7. Report on the process of setting up as well as the results of a water basin plan
  8. Communicate results of a water basin plan