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Topic description
The topic will provide an understanding of the legislative functions and operational spheres of an environmental health officer in Australia. Since graduates of this program will be eligible to practice in all states of Australia, students will be exposed to the range of pertinent legislative frameworks, operations and functions across the country.

Specific areas covered include the application of legislation relevant to: Public & Environmental Health, Food, Supported Residential Facilities, Env Protection, Planning & Development and Occupational Health & Safety. The history behind the development of these pieces of legislation will be presented, their purpose and provisions examined, and the implementation of the Acts assessed. The use of these laws in environmental health will be examined, and guest lectures given by EH practitioners who have used the legislation in their work.

Common law and the role of precedent in environmental health legal cases will also be examined. The changes to Administering Agencies within the Environmental Protection Act 1993, and what these changes mean for EH professionals will be discussed, and the students taught how to write and present Environmental Protection Orders and Clean-up Orders.
Educational aims
To achieve an understanding of:

  1. The legal tools available to Environmental Health professionals
  2. The background to Australian law, both commonwealth and state statute law
  3. The history of public health law
  4. Interpretation of legislation, particularly legislation that is used in environmental health
  5. The application of provisions made in various pieces of legislation to safeguard public and environmental health
  6. The use of common law in environmental health cases
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of this topic, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Explain the three tiered system of Government in Australia and outline relative roles and interactions of national, state and local government with regard to environmental health
  2. Outline the Australian constitution and judicial / legislative processes relevant to this country
  3. Discuss the application of all relevant legislation with respect to the role and functions of an Environmental Health Officer