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Topic description
The topic provides an understanding of the importance of microbiology and toxicology in maintaining food safety. It examines the frameworks employed in maintaining safe food, explores regulatory approaches and engagement of various professions, predominantly allied to Environmental Health. Specific areas covered include: identification of the microbiological, physical and chemical hazards in food. It presents the frameworks involved in management of food safety and prevention of foodborne disease. The topic covers issues of global and local significance and also examines unique food safety issues relating to indigenous populations.
Educational aims
To achieve an understanding of:

  1. The role of microbiology and toxicology in managing food safety
  2. The frameworks and roles of professionals and agencies involved in maintaining safe food
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of the topic, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Apply relevant microbiological and toxicological knowledge as it relates to management of the risks associated with foodborne disease
  2. Identify the potential physical, microbiological and chemical contaminants of concern in foods
  3. Define the role of Environmental Health Professionals in dealing with foodbome disease outbreaks
  4. Discuss the risk management frameworks associated with food safety and the prevention of foodborne disease in food service establishments