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1 x 2-hour tutorial weekly
3 x 2-hour laboratories per semester
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Topic description
Fluid Mechanics: Fluid properties; Hydrostatics; One dimensional flow of incompressible fluids; Continuity, momentum and energy equations; Laminar and turbulent flows in pipes and ducts; free surface and channel flows; hydraulic jump; weir and waterfall; Dimensional analysis; Flow measurements and fluid machinery.
Educational aims
This topic aims to ensure that the students understand the following:

  1. Modelling the flows of fluids
  2. Measurements of the flows of fluids
  3. Heat transferred to and from a fluid
Expected learning outcomes
At the completion of this topic, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Understand the basic properties of gases and liquids
  2. Write the relevant equations of motion for fluids in pipes and channels
  3. Solve simple flow problems
  4. Understand how flow measurements are made in practice
  5. Understand the flows in pumps and turbines