2 x 7-hour intensive workshops per semester
5 x 4-hour intensive workshop-1s per semester
1 Admission into EDD/R-Doctor of Education
2 EDUC9974 - Researching the Profession
Must Satisfy: (1 and 2)
Assignment(s), Project, Tutorial presentation, Seminar, Tutorial participation
Topic description
This topic introduces candidates to data analysis, reporting on research findings and tools for analyzing research findings. The principal aim of this topic is to develop the researcher’s capacity to manage, analyse and report on research findings. Candidates will demonstrate their ability to engage in critical reflection, synthesis and evaluation of various forms of data management and analysis. The focus in this topic is on the researcher’s standpoint, the professional context, the research literature and different ways of approaching the analysis of research data. Candidates will develop, adapt and implement research methodologies to extend and redefine existing knowledge or professional practice. Candidates will develop and implement skills in coding and classifying research data collected from the research dissertation study in order to disseminate and promote new insights to peers and the community. Candidates will be assessed upon their ability to produce original knowledge and understanding in their research field, demonstrating autonomy and authoritative knowledge and judgment in the analysis and presentation of their research findings.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • develop an advanced awareness of academic protocol and tradition in the field of research;

  • develop advanced level analysis of research data demonstrating an advanced and synthesised knowledge of theoretical and disciplinary influences on their research study;

  • establish the candidates’ capacity to independently manage, analyse and report on their data with advanced proficiency in one theoretical approach;

  • develop the candidates’ capacity to articulate the links between academic research and professional practice, and;

  • generate new knowledge and understanding contributing to the field of research and professional practice.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • critically appraise and evaluate the implications of different epistemological standpoints in research design and analysis;

  • critically reflect upon and justify their preferred research discipline and its implications for their data analysis;

  • develop, synthesise and implement a range of different theoretical frameworks in their field and clearly articulate a preferred theoretical approach for their research analysis and reporting;

  • integrate and apply the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge that are required to progress education policy, management and practice through the reporting of research findings;

  • utilise knowledge gained of research principles and methods in order to conceptualise and disseminate research ideas that makes an original and sustained contribution to knowledge in education policy, management and practice, and;

  • demonstrate an advanced understanding of the politics and ethics of education policy, and the role of research and management in professional practice.

    For successful completion of this topic students will have demonstrated:

    • the ability to critically evaluate their disciplinary, epistemological and theoretical approach and apply it to the analyse of their research findings;

    • the ability to generate new knowledge and understanding to contribute the field of research through the communication of research findings