7 x 7-hour intensive workshops per semester
1 Admission into EDD/R-Doctor of Education
2 EDUC9971 - Key Issues in Education
3 EDUC9972 - Preparation for Research
4 EDUC9973 - Critical Scholarship and Research Design
5 EDUC9974 - Researching the Profession
Must Satisfy: (1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5)
Assumed knowledge
Computer skills, library research skills, teaching and educational practice, educational leadership and management.
Assignment(s), Seminar
Topic description
Challenges facing humans in the 21st Century are complex and profound. This topic places the educational leader in the context of rapid and complex social and environmental change. Contemporary challenges are discussed in the educational setting including responding to technological specialisation, changing labour relations, transmigration, the internationalisation of education and climate change. The candidates are exposed to the broad context of globalisation and human sustainability and asked to focus on 2 key aspects of that change in relation to their general research interests. Candidates will be asked to identify how they can effect change as educational leaders (e.g. pedagogy, curriculum, policy, leadership) in their field and what educational strategies are appropriate to effecting that change.
Educational aims
The aims of this topic are to develop student:

  • critical capacity in assessing educational issues and their research dimensions;

  • an advanced understanding of the politics and ethics of education policy, research and management;

  • knowledge of key issues in educational practice, policy, governance and cultural change;

  • advanced and in depth knowledge of two key facets of challenges facing future education e.g. sustainability, labour relations);

  • advanced reflection and knowledge of how and why research is imperative to developing sustainable educational futures, and;

  • awareness of the diversity of strategies of innovative leadership, practitioner activism and strategies of effective change.
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • identify and discuss key issues in education from a transdisciplinary perspective;

  • identify good educational research across different forms of educational research, demonstrate an advanced capacity to appraise and review educational research and educational research articles;

  • integrate and apply the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge that are required to progress education policy, management and practice;

  • demonstrate and articulate a strategic vision and plan for influencing educational change in their chosen field of interest.