2 x 8-hour workshops per semester
1 x 3-hour workshop-1 per semester
1 Admission into GCEWS-Graduate Certificate in Education
1a Admission into MEDCP-Master of Education (Cog Psych & Educational Prac)
1b Admission into MEDER-Master of Education (Ed Research, Evaluation and Assessment)
1c Admission into MEDGE-Master of Education (Gifted Education)
1d Admission into MEDIB-Master of Education (International Baccalaureate)
1e Admission into MEDLM-Master of Education (Leadership and Management)
1f Admission into MEDSA-Master of Education (Studies of Asia)
1g Admission into MEDSE-Master of Education (Special Education)
1h Admission into MEDEC-Master of Education (Early Childhood Studies)
1i Admission into MEDWS-Master of Education
1j Admission into MEDCPP-Master of Education (Cog Psych & Educational Prac) [1.5 years]
1k Admission into MEDERP-Master of Education (Ed Research, Evaluation and Assessment) [1.5 years]
1l Admission into MEDGEP-Master of Education (Gifted Education) [1.5 years]
1m Admission into MEDIBP-Master of Education (International Baccalaureate) [1.5 years]
1n Admission into MEDSEP-Master of Education (Special Education) [1.5 years]
1o Admission into MEDLMP-Master of Education (Leadership and Management) [1.5 years]
1p Admission into MEDSAP-Master of Education (Studies of Asia) [1.5 years]
1q Admission into MEDWSP-Master of Education [1.5 years]
1r Admission into MEDWM-Master of Education (Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health)
1s Admission into MEDWMP-Master of Education (Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health) [1.5 years]
1t Admission into MEDLE-Master of Education (Languages Education)
1u Admission into MEDLEP-Master of Education (Languages Education) [1.5 years]
1v Admission into MEDECP-Master of Education (Early Childhood Studies) [1.5 years]
2 Admission into GCEDDL-Graduate Certificate in Educational Design and Digital Learning
2a Admission into GCEREA-Graduate Certificate in Educational Research Evaluation and Assessment
2b Admission into GCGE-Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education
2c Admission into GCIED-Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Education
2d Admission into GCCPEP-Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Psychology and Educational Practice
2e Admission into GCLE-Graduate Certificate in Languages Education
2f Admission into GCLED-Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Education
2g Admission into GCWPMHE-Graduate Certificate in Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health in Education
2h Admission into GCHE-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
2i Admission into GCIBE-Graduate Certificate in International Baccalaureate Education
2j Admission into GCECE-Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education
2k Admission into MCPEP-Master of Cognitive Psychology and Educational Practice
2l Admission into MWPMHE-Master of Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health in Education
2m Admission into MISE-Master of Inclusive and Specialised Education
2n Admission into MLE-Master of Leadership in Education
Must Satisfy: (((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c or 1d or 1e or 1f or 1g or 1h or 1i or 1j or 1k or 1l or 1m or 1n or 1o or 1p or 1q or 1r or 1s or 1t or 1u or 1v)) or ((2 or 2a or 2b or 2c or 2d or 2e or 2f or 2g or 2h or 2i or 2j or 2k or 2l or 2m or 2n)))
Enrolment not permitted
1 of EDES9408, EDES9408D has been successfully completed
Topic description

This topic involves in depth foci on quality practices associated with facilitating professional learning in schools and educational organisations. Key content includes reviewing models and strategies for supporting the professional learning of others, designing context specific professional learning programs and considering the role of, and models for evaluating outcomes of professional learning. The topic should be of particular interest to people responsible for developing and managing effective professional learning at a school or system level.

Educational aims

This topic aims to:

  • Analyse the processes of designing and leading high quality professional learning and effective learning organisations
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to design and evaluate professional learning models
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Critically review professional learning models selecting appropriate models for specific objectives and contexts
  2. Design and evaluate context specific professional learning models
  3. Identify key knowledge and skills required to facilitate high quality profession learning