1 x 2-week field trip per semester
Topic description
This topic increases students' understanding of culture and education through in-country study of one or more Asian countries. The emphasis is on gaining insight and awareness which moves beyond cultural stereotypes and enables the development of informed attitudes and behaviours towards Asian peoples, languages, cultures, lifestyles and issues. The topic also explores relationships between culture, learning and teaching. It is built around a short-term study tour/field trip to be varied to accommodate the needs and interests of particular groups of students. In pre-tour and post-tour seminars and during the tour itself, curriculum implications for teaching about Asia in Australian settings are explored, and comparative frameworks developed for understanding differences between societies and their education systems.
Educational aims
Through first hand field experience of Asia, this topic aims to:

  • provide students with enhanced knowledge, understandings, motivation and confidence to develop and teach quality studies of Asia programs in schools.
  • develop informed attitudes and behaviours towards peoples, events, issues and lifestyles in particular Asian countries
Expected learning outcomes
As a result of completing this topic, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the diversity of environments, cultures and societies of the Asia region
  • analyse the economic, strategic and cultural importance of particular Asian countries and their links with other countries in the region and Australia
  • demonsrate a knowledge, beyond cultural stereotypes, of the diversity of values within the societies encountered
  • devise curriculum contexts for the inclusion of studies of the societies encountered within school teaching and learning programs