1 x 3-day intensive workshop per semester
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Topic description

This topic develops teachers' awareness of the contemporary literatures of a range of Asian countries and also Asia-Australia literature. The topic introduces participants to ways of analysing and deconstructing stereotypes of Asia and Australia. In this context it looks at images of Asian peoples and cultures portrayed by non-Asians in literature as well as Asian images of non-Asian peoples and cultures. Examples can include Asian/Australian narratives about migration and flight; and narratives of biculturalism by Australians of Asian background.

Educational aims

This topic aims to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding about contemporary Asian literature across a range of genre
  • Develop awareness of points of similarity and difference between Asia and Australia, through exposure to multiple cultural viewpoints
  • Foster appreciation of some of the key theories and understandings that underpin cross-cultural communication
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Identify and analyse current issues, trends and events in or about Asia as reflected in contemporary literature, popular literature, and mass media
  2. Understand past and current changes, trends and influences occurring in texts and the English language in Australia as a result of inter-relationships between Australia and the countries of the Asian region
  3. Evaluate texts of Australians of Asian heritage, texts by Asians about or set in Australia, and texts by Australians about or set in Asia
  4. Compare and contrast texts written by Asian authors about Asian countries/peoples/themes to texts written about Asian countries/peoples/themes by non-Asian or non-resident authors
  5. Analyse curriculum development issues related to infusing studies of Asia into the English curriculum
  6. Plan and apply a range of teaching and learning approaches related to infusing studies of Asia into the English curriculum to meet the needs of all students
  7. Analyse English policy documents and curriculum frameworks in use in their own schools, and in their state/territory, with a view to infusing the studies of Asia into the English curriculum