1 x 3-day intensive workshop per semester
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Topic description
This topic introduces participants to some of the major traditions and forms of literature in Asia. Rather than attempt a superficial survey of Asian literature, the selection of text is based on a genre approach and includes representative texts from selected countries in the region. The concept of genre and attendant focus topics, function as access points for the participant to engage with some of the more significant aspects of the literature, with the view of developing/modifying some of these concepts for classroom situations.
Educational aims
The two major aims of this topic are to enable students to:

  • increase their knowledge and understanding of texts and language relating to studies of Asia
  • develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of studies of Asia to the teaching and learning of English
Expected learning outcomes
As a result of completing this topic, students will be able to:

  • identify and explore contributions of texts and language from Asian civilisations to world heritage, traditions and contemporary world culture
  • demonstrate familiarity with texts (including classic literature, contemporary literature, popular literature, mass media and everyday texts) from and about particular civilisations and traditions associated with the societies, ways of life and cultures of Asia
  • analyse the ways in which writers' and translators' socio-cultural backgrounds, knowledge and opinions influence the ways texts and language are constructed
  • analyse the ways in which readers/listeners/viewers socio-cultural backgrounds, knowledge and opinions influence the meaning they obtain from texts and spoken language
  • develop and use criteria for the selection and use of resources and texts to support studies of Asia in the English curriculum particularly in relation to:

    • context (including social, cultural, global)
    • voice (including whether it is original or in translation)
    • Stereotypes/assumptions/values (of both author/translator and reader/viewer)
    • context of subject matter/perspective of author/translator
    • researching a specific genre, writer or theme originating in an Asian country/culture/tradition