1 x 9-hour independent study weekly
1 x 2-hour on-line exercises 4 weekly
1 x 1-hour on-line lecture fortnightly
2 of EDUC8821, EDUC9822
Assignment(s), Participation, Reflective piece
Topic description

This topic focuses on the nature and role of the IB programme core components and how they convert IB philosophy into visible student outcomes through capstone experiences. The core components include the IBPYP exhibition, IBMYP projects, IBDP Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge, IBCP personal and professional skills and reflective project, as well as the notion of service learning and action across all programmes. Participants will investigate the core components of each IB programme while specialising in one or two (as appropriate). The nature of interdisciplinary learning is also addressed as it builds toward and is reflected in the core components and capstone experiences.

Educational aims

The aims of this topic are to allow teachers to:

  • Develop an understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of IB programme core and capstone requirements
  • Explore the relationship between the IB subject curriculum and IB cores and capstones
  • Build capacity to support students and other staff in the implementation of IB core and capstone requirements
  • Develop critically reflective practices and collaborative learning skills through collegial activities that draw upon expertise from within the university
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Apply educational theories to explain the relationship between the IB subject curriculum and IB cores and capstones in at least one IB programme
  2. Design strategies to enable understanding and implementation of the IB cores and capstones for at least one IB programme
  3. Apply assessment and standardisation practices for IB core and capstone requirements in at least one IB programme
  4. Undertake and evaluate your own collaborative online learning practice