3 x 8-hour seminars per semester
Topic description

In this topic students will undertake an independent research study in an area of education. Students undertaking a specialisation will select a topic within their specialised area of study. Students will examine contemporary research involving a selected area of interest to address educational issue/s and to identify an area for a research project. They will critically examine recent literature, engage in debate and reflection, and develop and apply their knowledge to plan, conduct and report a research project in their chosen area of interest.

Educational aims

This topic aims to:

  • Foster inquiry as an essential educational practice
  • Improve students' research skills and ability to critically evaluate literature
  • Enable students to apply skills and knowledge relating to an area of educational theory or practice
  • Encourage students to generate researchable questions in an area of current interest in educational theory, policy or practice
  • Enable students to undertake an in-depth research study in an area of education
  • Improve students' ability to construct, test and defend an argument
  • Enable students to report research findings
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Examine current literature in the field of education with an informed, critical perspective
  2. Formulate research questions to investigate issues of interest and/or current concern in education
  3. Apply research principles and methods in the evaluation and design of research into a current educational issue
  4. Generate detailed proposal for educational research, including consideration of ethical research standards, methods and timelines
  5. Undertake and report on a substantial independent research project
  6. Communicate findings from analysis and synthesis of reading and personal research using high standards of academic literacy

Key dates and timetable

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