5 x 6-hour workshops per semester

4 x 1-hour workshop per semester
4 x 5-hour workshop per semester
1 x 6-hour workshop per semester
Assumed knowledge
Usual post graduate level analytic, reflective, written and oral communication skills.
Topic description
This topic will provide a space for deep scholarly and personal reflection on the role and place of mindfulness in education from the early years to higher education. It will explore the experience of students and teachers, connections to the research literature, the translation of Eastern concepts and practices to the West, mindfulness programs, teacher preparedness in terms of training and personal mindfulness practice, mindfulness activities, suitability for all students at all developmental levels, ethical issues, limitations, sustainability and other cultural and contextual factors.

Mindfulness meditations and artistic activities will complement readings and discussions. Students will be required to conduct a mindful inquiry scholarly and reflective research project and explore issues that arise in relation to their ongoing practice of mindfulness and their engagement with the readings in terms of the meaning, connection and disruption to previous views as a result of their engagement in the topic .
Educational aims
This topic aims to develop students capacity to:

  • appreciate, understand, articulate, and critique a range of different theories, constructions and of mindfulness

  • capacity to locate themselves consciously in a particular preferred construction or constructions of mindfulness

  • be aware of range of ways to bring mindfulness into education settings

  • find meaning, create connection and allow disruption to previous ways of thinking in relation to the topic content

  • apply their learning about mindfulness to a particular area of interest to them in relation to mindfulness in education using Mindful Inquiry methodology
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic students will be able to demonstrate

  • an awareness of a range of theoretical and cultural constructions of mindfulness

  • an appreciation of the benefits of mindfulness practice to professionals working in education settings

  • an understanding about issues and challenges that need to be understood and addressed before uncritically adopting mindfulness programs and techniques in schools and higher education settings

  • an awareness of a range of mindfulness practices and resources

  • the ability to apply their learning about mindfulness to a specific area of professional interest

  • the capacity to undertake a Mindful Inquiry research project