2 x 2-hour workshops per semester
3 x 5-hour intensive workshops per semester
1 Admission into MTESOL-Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
1a Admission into GDPID-Graduate Diploma in International Development
1b Admission into GCELM-Graduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management)
1c Admission into MEDCP-Master of Education (Cog Psych & Educational Prac)
1d Admission into MEDLM-Master of Education (Leadership and Management)
1e Admission into MEDSE-Master of Education (Special Education)
1f Admission into MEDWS-Master of Education
1g Admission into MEDCPP-Master of Education (Cog Psych & Educational Prac) [1.5 years]
1h Admission into MEDGEP-Master of Education (Gifted Education) [1.5 years]
1i Admission into MEDIBP-Master of Education (International Baccalaureate) [1.5 years]
1j Admission into MEDSEP-Master of Education (Special Education) [1.5 years]
1k Admission into MEDLMP-Master of Education (Leadership and Management) [1.5 years]
1l Admission into MEDWSP-Master of Education [1.5 years]
1m Admission into MDPP-Master of Disability Policy and Practice
1n Admission into MDPPA-Master of Disability Policy and Practice [1.5 years]
1o Admission into MEDLE-Master of Education (Languages Education)
1p Admission into MEDLEP-Master of Education (Languages Education) [1.5 years]
2 Admission into BAMTPR-Bachelor of Arts, Master of Teaching (Primary)
2a Admission into BAMTS-Bachelor of Arts, Master of Teaching (Secondary)
2b Admission into BGSCMTPR-Bachelor of General Science, Master of Teaching (Primary)
2c Admission into BSCMTS-Bachelor of Science, Master of Teaching (Secondary)
3 108 units of study
Must Satisfy: (((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c or 1d or 1e or 1f or 1g or 1h or 1i or 1j or 1k or 1l or 1m or 1n or 1o or 1p)) or ((2 or 2a or 2b or 2c) and 3))
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Topic description
This topic considers the nature of globalisation and the impacts and opportunities presented by it for the leadership and management of education. The topic incorporates examples from Developing nations and domestically. It is especially relevant for participants who lead/manage in developing and/or complex contexts. Scope is built into the approaches to the topic to allow for local/individual analysis and investigation of globalisation. The topic also incorporates a consideration of globalisation in relation to leading and managing of curriculum, teaching and learning.
Educational aims
The topic aims to:

  • critically examine globalisation and its impact on education internationally

  • consider the implications of globalisation for national development and education management
  • provide knowledge about ways of analysing cultural change and the influences of international development

  • develop skills in change management and program evaluation
Expected learning outcomes
By the completion of this topic students will be able to:

  • describe globalisation and its impact on international education, national development and education management

  • assess cultural change in an educational context and outline priorities and process for educational management

  • demonstrate skills in planning, management and evaluation of change in an educational context