1 x 1-hour lecture weekly
1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
1 Admission into MTPR-Master of Teaching (Primary)
1a Admission into MTPRA-Master of Teaching (Primary)
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a))
Topic description
This topic provides opportunities for pre-service teachers to analyse and critique the purpose and place of science and technology in their own lives as well as in the Primary Curriculum. Its purpose is to build confidence and skill in effective science and technology learning and teaching, appropriate for the primary years of schooling. Pre-service teachers analyse and critique the inquiry processes of working scientifically and are supported to apply these skills in the conduct of their own investigation. They engage in planning, implementing and synthesising a series of science learning experiences for primary aged children while gathering assessment data to evaluate learning and modify practice. Through inquiry based learning the acquisition of scientific literacy and experiential learning in the areas of the Biological sciences, the Chemical sciences, the Earth and Space sciences and the Physical sciences is emphasised. Pre-service teachers are encouraged to be both creative and innovative in their classroom practices and to draw links to other areas of the curriculum and the history of science. Pre-service teachers engage in innovative and ethical design solutions as they develop confidence as critical designers, users and producers of a range of technologies.
Educational aims
This topic is designed to:

  • Enhance pre-service teacher confidence, knowledge, and skill in science and design technology learning and teaching appropriate for the primary years of schooling.

  • Enable pre-service teachers to synthesise an appropriate program in science that applies and critically analyses the principles and processes of working scientifically

  • Enhance pre-service teachers’ personal approach to science learning and teaching based on their critical analysis of practical experience and current issues in science education as well as in the light of a range of theoretical perspectives.

  • Enable pre-service teachers to evaluate processes and designed solutions and transfer knowledge and skills to new situations and to use design and systems thinking to generate and communicate designs to an audience.
Expected learning outcomes
Upon completion of this topic pre-service teachers will:

  1. Plan, analyse and synthesise a balanced sequence of learning experiences in science that help to enthuse and inspire children in the primary years.

  2. Demonstrate high level scientific and design process skills, literacy and knowledge in an environment where innovative thinking and creativity are supported and encouraged.

  3. Analyse, describe and assess children's awareness of specific safety issues related to science and technological learning and teaching.

  4. Synthesise understanding about the importance of science and design technology learning and teaching in society, both locally and globally together with the role of culture in forming attitudes to science.

  5. Critique, adapt and apply, resources and support networks to synthesise developmentally appropriate learning opportunities, in science and technology.