1 x 40-day field placement per semester
1 EDUC3642 - Professional Experience: Year 3B (Middle and Secondary Schooling)
2 90 units of study
Must Satisfy: (1 and 2)
Enrolment not permitted
1 of EDUC4778, EDUC4779 has been successfully completed
Topic description
This Professional Experience occurs in the fourth year of the undergraduate degree program and the second year of the Master of Teaching program. Pre-service teachers are expected to attend the staff planning days at the commencement of the semester unless they are undertaking a country placement, in which case they may need to undertake this placement as a block of 8 weeks (40 days). Metropolitan placements require the completion of 10 days preparation and participation prior to a block of 6 weeks (30 days).

Pre-service teachers work closely with their mentor teachers in the school placement as they assume a full range of professional responsibilities under the guidance of their mentor teacher. The pre-service teacher is expected to plan, implement and evaluate extended teaching and learning programs. A university-appointed liaison will maintain close links between the pre-service teacher, the school mentors and the university coordinators.

At the conclusion of this Professional Experience a written report will indicate compliance with Professional Standards and readiness for entry to the Register of the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia.
Educational aims
To provide an opportunity for pre-service teachers to:

  • demonstrate the skills of teaching and a clear understanding of the requirements of the teaching profession
  • form co-operative and effective professional relationships with students, colleagues and parents
  • make connections between theoretical understandings about learning and teaching and their classroom practices
  • identify themselves as educators, reflecting on their own strengths, interests and areas for professional and personal growth in relation to professional standards for teachers
  • establish readiness for entry to the Register for the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia
Expected learning outcomes
On successful completion of this topic, pre-service teachers should have:

  • reflected an understanding of how students learn in their teaching methodologies
  • planned appropriate curriculum and instructional materials for given students
  • assessed and recorded student learning
  • demonstrated skills in managing the learning environment for extended periods of time
  • developed professional and effective relationships with the students, teachers and parents of the school
  • practised using inclusive teaching methodologies
  • evaluated the effectiveness of their educational programs
  • critically reflected on their performance as teachers
  • acted in ways that show a clear understanding of the professional and ethical requirements of a teacher
  • demonstrated the teaching competence that is appropriate and necessary for a beginning teacher