3 x 1-hour lectures per semester
1 x 20-day field placement per semester
^ = may be enrolled concurrently
1 18 Units of EDUC topics
2 72 Units of study
3 ^ EDUC3529 - Professional Experience: Year 3A (Primary R-7)
Must Satisfy: (1 and 2 and 3)
Enrolment not permitted
EDUC3666 has been successfully completed
Course context

Available to students enrolled in both EDUC3529 and EDUC3641 in the same calendar year.

Topic description

This Professional Experience comprises a block of 20 days (four consecutive weeks) that follow on from an introductory 5 day block at the end of semester 1. It may be spent in a metropolitan or country junior primary, primary or primary/secondary combined school.

Emphasis is placed on the gradual assumption of the responsibilities of the teacher. Links should be made between the theoretical understandings about teaching and learning and the practice of teaching. The pre-service teacher is expected to demonstrate professional relationships with all members of the school community as well as the ability plan and deliver effective learning experiences to students. The ability to reflect on personal performance and respond to feedback about that performance is an important ability to demonstrate during this experience.

Educational aims

This topic aims for pre-service teachers to:

  • Interact appropriately with all members of a school community
  • Practise assuming the role of the teacher with the guidance of a registered teacher
  • Draw on their theoretical understandings about teaching and learning when planning for teaching
  • Provide written plans for, prepare for and manage learning experiences for the whole class with the support and guidance of the class teacher
  • Observe and evaluate student learning
  • Reflect on their own performance and with the guidance of the mentor teacher seek to continually improve their teaching and management of classroom interactions
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this topic you will be expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate appropriate interactions with all members of the school community
  2. Assume the role of teacher with the guidance of a registered teacher
  3. Link theoretical understandings with teaching practice
  4. Provide written lesson plans for teaching
  5. Demonstrate teaching skill through the preparation for and delivery of lessons
  6. Observe and evaluate student learning
  7. Demonstrate the ability to reflect on your own learning and respond to the guidance of your mentor teacher to improve your teaching and management of classroom interaction

Key dates and timetable

(1), (2)

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