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1 x 2-hour workshop weekly
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Topic description
This topic aims to develop students' confidence in the effective teaching of science, design and technology across the primary years. The underlying principles of design and technology and the nature of scientific enquiry are explored. Creativity and innovation are integral aspects of these learning areas and students are encouraged to be creative and innovative in their classroom teaching practices.
Educational aims
For the students to:

  • understand the principles in working scientifically

  • understand the design process of critique - make - design

  • develop confidence in planning, teaching and assessing student learning in science, design and technology
Expected learning outcomes
That students are able to:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of how to work scientifically

  • plan appropriate learning experiences in the areas of science, design and technology

  • source and evaluate appropriate materials, tools and equipment

  • establish safe classroom working practices

  • create a classroom environment in which innovative thinking is valued

  • assess, record and report on student learning in science, design and technology