10 x 3-hour workshops per semester
1 Admission into BEDMSSBHS-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Health Sciences
1a Admission into BEDMSSBA-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Arts
1b Admission into BEDMSSBSC-B Education (Middle & Secondary Schooling), B Science
1c Admission into BEDMSSEBDS-B Education (Middle & Secondary/Special Ed), B Disability Studies
1d Admission into BEDSBHS-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Health Sciences
1e Admission into BEDSBA-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Arts
1f Admission into BEDSBSC-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Science
1g Admission into BEDSBSE-Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Special Education
1h Admission into BAMTS-Bachelor of Arts, Master of Teaching (Secondary)
1i Admission into BSCMTS-Bachelor of Science, Master of Teaching (Secondary)
2 EDUC2320 - Learners and their Development - Middle and Secondary Schooling
3 40.5 Units of study
4 13.5 Units DRAM topics
Must Satisfy: ((1 or 1a or 1b or 1c or 1d or 1e or 1f or 1g or 1h or 1i) and 2 and 3 and 4)
Enrolment not permitted
1 of EDUC3525, EDUC3531, EDUC3643A, EDUC4728A has been successfully completed
Assumed knowledge
There is no specific prior knowledge that is required. Students are assumed to have basic word processing skills and the ability to work independently and in groups.
Assignment(s), Tutorial presentation, Oral, Tutorial participation
Topic description
This topic provides an introduction to the nature and purposes of curriculum in education. It develops students' knowledge, skills and understandings in designing teaching and learning programs within contemporary understandings of curriculum and pedagogy, for a specific learning area. The focus is particularly on the middle years of schooling.
Educational aims
This topic enables students to develop and apply their knowledge, skills and understandings of curriculum and pedagogy to design teaching and learning programs and resources for a specific learning area.
Expected learning outcomes
For successful completion of this topic students will:

  • Be familiar with curriculum policy documents and consider their underlying values

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the features and purposes of curriculum frameworks

  • Design short term (unit and lesson) teaching and learning programs and resources for a particular learning area

  • Explain decisions made in designing teaching, learning and assessment plans, in relation to theories and principles of learning