1 x 1-hour lecture per semester
10 x 1-day field placements per semester
^ = may be enrolled concurrently
^ EDUC2324 - Professional Experience: Year 2A (Early Childhood)
Topic description
This topic helps to prepare students for entry into the teaching profession. Students will be placed in an early childhood setting for 10 single day visits. They will observe and work alongside registered teachers.
Educational aims
This topic aims to:

  • make a meaningful contribution to childrens learning and the settings curriculum priorities

  • test and use their theoretical knowledge, particularly in relation to the expressive arts and childrens literacy and numeracy learning and development

  • interact with individual children and small groups of children and as a contributing member of an educational team

  • use a variety of observation techniques and a modified version of the Leuven Involvement Scale to gain insight into the types of experiences, activities and ideas that engage young children

  • plan, implement and evaluate experiences/activities designed to extend childrens development in the arts and literacy and numeracy

  • reflect on the broader context of early childhood practice

  • gather evidence of their developing professional knowledge, professional practice and professional relationships
Expected learning outcomes
On completion of this professional learning experience, students will be able to:

  1. Interact as a professional educator in an early childhood setting

  2. Interact with individual children and groups of children as a pre-service teacher

  3. Demonstrate competent observing of childrens learning and development

  4. Demonstrate awareness of the factors that lead to high levels of involvement and engagement in curriculum experiences/activities

  5. Plan, implement and evaluate experiences/activities that are responsive to the observed needs and interests of young children

  6. Demonstrate awareness of the broader aspects of the early childhood learning environment, including an understanding of the environment as the third teacher, the importance of relationships, working with families and organizing for learning.